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Access Your Home Or Business From Anywhere With Honeywell’s Total Connect

Honeywell’s Total Connect allows you to watch over your family, home or business whether you are there or not….

Up Your Security With A Video Doorbell

The latest trend in home security is the video or “smart” doorbell. It allows you to see, hear and speak to someone at your door through an iOS or Android device…

Geofencing: Home Automation’s Latest Partner

Now that you know about Geofencing…enter in Home Automation. How can we use the two technologies together to make the perfect pairing?…

The Best and Easiest Way to Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

Insurance companies are offering huge savings to homeowners who have a monitored security system installed in their home…

Home Safety: Prepare Your Home For The Winter

November 2-6th is Winter Weather Awareness week in New Jersey. With the cold weather just around the corner, take this time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter.

Back To School: How Home Automation Can Help Keep Your Children Safe

With school starting for most kids this week, many working parents are faced with an after-school childcare dilemma. Whether the decision is to hire a “sitter”or to allow them to stay home alone after school, as parents, we always worry about our children’s safety….

Cellular Monitoring: No Landline, No Problem!

We have begun to see a shift in the security industry. GSM (Cellular) Monitoring is now becoming the main source of communication to the central station for some security systems…

Fire Safety: Is it time to replace your smoke and CO detectors?

Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO2) detectors have a life expectancy. Even if you perform regular maintenance and testing, which suggest they are still functioning correctly, you should always replace the unit(s) at the end of their useful life…..

4th of July!


Grilling Safety 101

Safety precautions you should know about before you have your first summer cookout…

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