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Cellular Monitoring For Security Systems

We have begun to see a shift in the security industry. GSM Cellular Monitoring is now becoming the main source of signal to the central station. For years, Cellular Monitoring has been used mostly as a back-up system for a landline. It was activated when a landline was not available due to power loss or because of a break in a line. However, 25% of American households no longer have a landline. People are switching to cell phones as their only source.  In addition, this trend is expected to continue. As more people get rid of their landline, Cellular Monitoring has become more relevant. As a result, it is emerging as the new standard for home security solutions.

What Is Cellular Monitoring?

Cellular Monitoring is a wireless network which allows a security system to communicate with the central station, even when a landline is not available. Cellular Monitoring operates on a dedicated cellular channel. As a result, the system sends a wireless signal over a secure, encrypted transmission to the monitoring center, when an emergency situation triggers your alarm.


The greatest benefit of Cellular Monitoring is reliability. Your system will always be able to transmit a signal to central station. Therefore, if your hard-wired telephone lines are disrupted or if an intruder attempts to disable your system by cutting a phone line, no worries. 

Cellular advances also allows for remote management of your home. You can access your security system, from anywhere in the world. You can do this through use of apps from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. When you run your security system through cellular there are also many smart home technologies available. Here are just a few:

  • Remote Arm & Disarm
  • Remote Lock & Unlock
  • Climate Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Real Time Alerts Via Text

An additional benefit of Cellular Monitoring is ease of installation. In short, the system is wireless, there is no need for drilling and re-wiring.

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