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Home Break Ins Per Year On The Rise

Home break ins per year are on the rise. There are certain items the criminal is looking for. A burglar looks for items which are small, valuable and easy to remove. Some of the tops items a burglar wants from your home are:

JEWELRY:  It is very easy and lucrative for a thief to pawn or meltdown your jewelry to make quick cash. If you have any high value jewelry it is best to keep it in a safety deposit box at your local bank or in a bolted security box in your home.

CASH: Cash is a burglars’ favorite find. It is small, untraceable and has instant value. It is best to store your cash at your bank.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Whether the burglar is an addict or not, prescription drugs have value. Therefore, there is a huge market for these types of medicines and he/she can make a huge profit from selling them.

FIREARMS:   Guns and weapons are one of the easiest things for a criminal to sell “on the streets” because they are always in high demand.  Guns should always be stored in a gun safe to stop them from being stolen or used against you in a home invasion.

ELECTRONICS: Smart phones, tablets, laptops, video game consoles, IPods®. Even though these items aren’t the least conspicuous thing to carry out of your home; they are one of the easiest to sell. A burglar will target these items because of their cash value. It is a good idea to have your family put them in a safe space after each use.

Home Break Ins Per Year Statistics Include CYBER THEFT

It is also important to remember the information you store on many of these items is personal and can aide a criminal to steal your identity. Identity thieves have risen over the years, mostly due to the sensitive information we store online. Therefore, it is a good practice to store sensitive information on an external hard drive and to make sure it is stored in a secure location.

The best deterrent against the rise in home break ins per year is having a professionally installed security system. For more information on protecting your home, call Northeast Security Systems at (201) 529-0100.

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Theresa Warren