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Resideo Total Connect

Resideo Total Connect allows you to watch over your family, home or business whether you are there or not. With Total Connect, you gain real-time control of your Security System, Z-wave enabled devices (for example; lights, lock or thermostat) and can view live-streaming or recorded video. All from your IOS or Android, smart device. It is true smart home technology at your finger tips.

Some of the features available from Resideo Total Connect:

  • Remote access from your phone or tablet from anywhere
  • Arm or disarm your security system
  • Lock or unlock your doors
  • Turn your lights on or off
  • Adjust the temperature in your home
  • Open and close your garage door

You can also create SMART SCENES for a one touch transformation of your home or business. For example, you can create scene for when you leave your home which would turn off all your interior lights, turn on your exterior lights, lock all your doors and arm your security systems. The possibilities are endless.

Your app can also send push notifications for any events which occur in your home when you are not there. You can be alerted to temperature changes, water leaks, activated motion detectors, doors opening or security alarm be tripped.

Your app will also have the capability of using geofencing. A geofence is a perimeter you set around your location. You will receive an alert when you leave your set perimeter. This can be used to remind you of things like to lock your doors or set the alarm.

For more information on Resideo Total Connect contact Northeast Security Systems at (201) 529-0100 today! You can also visit their website for additional facts

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