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Video Doorbell: Up Your Security

The latest trend in home security is the smart or video doorbell. It allows you to see, hear and speak to someone at your door. This is done through an iOS or Android device. Your doorbell will not only alert you when someone is at your door, it will also act as a video camera and two-way communicator. There are many ways it can help you live smarter:

  • You can answer your door from anywhere in the world or in your home: Whether you are sitting on your couch or on vacation, you will be able to see and speak to whomever rings your doorbell. No more opening the door to a stranger, ever.
  • You have video of anything suspicious going on at your front door. From someone stealing a package from your front door to a suspicious caller ringing your doorbell. Everything is recorded for future viewing. It can be paired with one of our video surveillance camera systems to help secure the perimeter.
  • Know when your children are home safe: Have your child(ren) ring the doorbell when they arrive home from school to give you peace of mind that they arrived safely. It can also pick up motion if your kids forget to ring the bell. As a result, you will have a recording of them coming to the front door.
  • Enjoy an afternoon nap using the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Switch your video doorbell into “Do Not Disturb” mode to disable the chime. If someone is at your front door you will still receive a text message, so when you wake up you know what you have missed.

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Theresa Warren